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Dura Rock Waterproof Deck System

The "Gorgeous Deck" system

Our exclusive Dura Rock Waterproof Deck System provides the ultimate finish for any area that needs to be waterproof, functional and have an attractive and durable finish. The Dura Rock system utilizes a 60 mil elastomeric urethane rubber waterproof membrane that is fluid applied and specifically designed for below grade and between slab applications, and a variety of aggregates bound in a epoxy resin, and a crystal clear aliphatic urethane top coat.

A proven track record

In such applications, it is critical that the waterproofing membrane be tough and durable enough to function without maintenance. Tried and tested for over 25 years, GacoFlex LM-60 liquid urethane coating has proven its reliability again and again in below grade and between slab applications. GacoFlex LM-60 is a 100% solids, zero VOC coating, meaning there is no smell to disrupt the work of other trades during the application process. Dura Rock DeckGacoFlex LM-60 is formulated for both vertical and horizontal applications, and will cling to vertical surfaces without runoff at the normal application rate of 4 gallons per 100 square feet. By creating a watertight barrier for structures of curving and sloping shapes, LM-60 provides the architect, designer or contractor with a versatility of application that is limited only by the scope of their imagination.

The Finish of choice

Dura Rock aggregate comes in a variety of standard colors or you can create your own custom color blend utilizing any of the standard colors. Different colored borders, designs and accents can be installed and we can even accentuate your rock choice with things such as tumbled glass, seashells, or just about anything else you want to cherish for time to come.

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Rock Colors Available

Alabama Rainbow

Alabama Rainbow/Pearl


Black PearlBlack Pearl

Cantina PinkCantina Pink


Grey BlendGrey Blend


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