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With a variety of finish options ranging from our exclusive Dura Rock Waterproof Deck System, to a complete line of waterproof urethane rubber decking systems, that provide an attractive, durable, waterproof and virtually maintenance free finish, and with our assurance that the products and craftsmanship in which they are applied will provide you with the utmost in quality, attention to details and a truly "GORGEOUS DECK" that you expect for all of your home building needs for years to come.

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Dura Rock Deck SystemDura Rock Deck System

GW13 Deck SystemGW13 Deck System

Perhaps your next project is rehabbing a multi-level parking garage, or perhaps it’s a new waterproof deck on a single-family home. In either case, we have a decking system to meet your needs. All of our auto and pedestrian urethane deck systems are characterized by two key ingredients; tough elastomeric waterproof coatings, and textured granules that won’t scuff out.

Urethane coatings are color-stable, and are available in a variety of attractive colors. Our coatings are also elastomeric, meaning they are able to stretch as the substrate warms and cools through the day and through the seasons. Characterized by high physical properties, these coatings are tough enough to withstand years of abuse by sun and weather.

For a super durable finish our texture granules won’t scuff out of the coating, eliminating the premature wear often caused by loose granule grinding into the coating surface. The dried walnut shell texture wears evenly with the coating, meaning the integrity of the waterproofing system is never compromised by granule popping out of the coating.

Our decking systems are developed to meet specific project requirements. From quick-set auto deck applications, to intricate pedestrian deck designs, we can help you successfully tackle your next decking challenge.

Design & Installation Details


Design details, hints and pictures of proper flashing for any of our waterproof deck systems.

Drainage & Sloping

Got Slope? Proper drainage is explained and several options for creating positive drainage.



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Design details, hints and pictures of proper flashing for any of our waterproof deck systems.


Drainage & Slope

Got Slope? Proper drainage is explained and options for creating positive drainage.


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